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Focused Electives

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Students earn a total of at least 9 s.h. in focused electives, which they select from courses in at least **two** of the categories listed below (maximum of 6 s.h. from any one category). To see which courses from each category are being offered in a given semester, please visit our course database.

Some of these courses have prerequisites and other requirements for registration; students must complete a course's prerequisites and meet its registration requirements before they may register for the course.

  • Writing for the Professions - including art, business, grantwriting, journalism, translation, publishing, science, and more.

  • Writing and the Literary Arts - including creative writing, fiction, nonfiction, playwriting, and poetry.

  • Writing and the Media - including television/screenwriting and other media.

  • Writing in Context - including cross-discipline, cross-genre, and other specialized writing courses not listed above.

  • Student-Designated Writing-Intensive Courses - Students may petition to count a course not listed in our course database toward the certificate by submitting a Course Petition Form.