• “Ink Lit Mag has helped make me the person I am today: confident, involved, and committed. I made friends and learned important skills. Ink has shown me what I want to do in my future--and it's made me excited for what is to come!”

    – Lauren H.
  • “The Iowa Young Writers’ Studio changed the way I read and write because its amazing students and teachers know what it is to be unabashedly in love with fiction and poetry and everything else, and they understand why other people are as well.” 

    – Milo D.
  • “There is nothing like the [Iowa Youth Writing Project]. [They] are so different than anything else that was provided to me . . . [They] are NOT judgmental about us. If [IYWP] never ever came into my life, I would never had found the courage to open up and lower the wall that I built to keep people out . . .”

    – Sasha M.
  • “The certificate in writing celebrates interdisciplinary studies, and provided me with the opportunity to explore an interest in writing while not having to abandon my political science degree.” 

    – Phoebe Y.
  • "I would strongly recommend [the Iowa Summer Writing Festival] to ANY writer in any genre. My whole writing process changed as a result of this workshop—for the better. As I told our instructor, I wanted this to be the reverse of rehab: I came to GET a habit. And I did."

    – Sean K.